Vikings season 4: Episode 16, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 4 January, 2017

Difficult to recover from the events of last week! But what’s going to happen in episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings? Follow the guide…
Ragnar is not … but Vikings continues! Wednesday evening, History broadcast episode 16 of season 4 . A new chapter in the hit series that now has to learn to live without its main character. Yes, last week Ragnar left us (and we still whining!). An event we had anticipated but which nevertheless affected us well. It is official, it will now count on the other members of the Lothbrok clan to carry the series. All this beautiful world is likely to want to avenge their dear papa and we can not wait to witness this! The Ragnar after it starts tomorrow night with episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings …
Ivar VS Lagertha: Duel at the top!
Hard blows for Ivar! Besides having to say goodbye to his father in England, on his return to Kattegat it faced another sad news: the death of his mother . Yeah, it’s commonly called lice. Knowing his temperament, the consequences of these disasters are likely to be terrible. But before going to avenge his father (and settle his account to the kings Aelle and Ecbert), Ivar will take care of the person responsible for the death of Aslaug. In episode 16, he is going to attack our dear Lagertha and just like her, we fear the worst! However, no panic, know that none should succumb to the end of this duel since Ivar Lahertha and will be present during season 5 of Vikings … This is not necessarily the case with other characters in the show! Will they find common ground (aka someone else to kill)? Can their thirst for vengeance after Ragnar’s death bring them closer together? On the contrary, will Lagertha have to go into exile and leave Kattegat to the sons of her ex-husband?
Bjorn in the face of treason?
Direction sunny Mediterranean with Bjorn and his fleet in this episode 16 of season 4 Vikings ! The eldest Lothbrok has finally reached his goal alongside Floki, Rollo, Hvitserk, Halfdan and Harald and will launch a surprise attack that promises to be muscular. However, in addition to his new enemies, tensions will begin to be felt within the group and Bjorn will have to show that he is the worthy successor of Ragnar. Will he succeed in tightening the ranks? Anyway, Halfdan and Harald up to no good and hopefully that episode 16 will not be the theater of a new death. After Aslaug and Ragnar, we can not stand it anymore! A little respite would not be refusal … It must be kept for the Season Finale that will remind you, will be broadcast on February 1st!