Vikings season 4: Episode 17, the hour of revenge, our critic

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism!

In search of vengeance! Tonight, the American cable channel History broadcasted episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we disclosure of that promo pictures . This chapter has obviously given pride of place to the sons of Ragnar, notably at Ivar, Ubbe and Sigurd, still in Kattegat. Young men plan their revenge for the murder of their father, nevertheless Ivar – even if he is ready to declare war on the whole world – do not forget that his most ardent desire is to avenge the murder of their mother. It is not necessarily the case of his brother Sigurd who has a different memory of who was Aslaug, so that Ivar fails to kill him by targeting him with an ax. Will the dissensions between the brothers be right? While Lagertha leads the people of Kattegat into a new dimension with the construction of a huge wall around the city, many men arrive to join the great army of the sons of Ragnar, but also to trap Lagertha. This has proved too weak against Ubbe that dangerously resembles Ragnar young , and now his life is compromised. Her salvation is due only to the unexpected arrival of her son, and for the first time we would almost have liked Lagertha to succumb.
We waited for the return of Bjorn’s troops to Kattegat, but before that moment we saw them turning back. After an interesting scene between Floki and Helga about the girl she kidnapped, the first stage is obviously the Kingdom of the Franks, where Rollo returns to his wife, with a memorable scene where swears are more numerous than ever . But more captivating, shortly before, Bjorn and Floki made him understand that he was no longer one of their own. However, Rollo proposes to offer lands of his kingdom to those who want it. A sad irony when we believe that the dream of Ragnar was to cultivate foreign lands . We thought that Rollo would make his return to Kattegat, but that is not the case, and we are now wondering what his destiny will be and especially whether we will follow him, or whether this last journey was truly his last. We told you, the troops of Bjorn arrive at a moment of great tension in Kattegat. After saving his mother, Bjorn makes it clear that the important thing now is to avenge their father.
Bjorn seems to understand his mother’s desire for revenge in public, but in private, he is more complex. He does not seem at ease when we see him with his wife and when he embraces Astrid, we may wonder if there is not a desire for vengeance towards his mother below. The episode also offers us to see Judith visiting King Aelle. She warns him against the desire for vengeance of the sons of Ragnar, but the latter only offers him contempt in return. On the Wessex side, we find King Ecbert, who tries to educate his grandson, Alfred, by making him understand that books are just as important as swords. He tries to teach him to be intelligent and to think for himself. A training to prepare him to be the great warrior he will become. Finally, the best moment of the episode is certainly one where Floki offers Ivar the tank that will allow him to move faster than any other man . Lately, we dévoilions you with a first photo, what the role of Jonathan Rhys Meyer in season 5 of Vikings! What did you think of this episode?