Vikings season 4: Episode 17 tonight, the return of SPOILERS to Kattegat

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Tonight, History is broadcasting Episode 17 of Season 4 of Vikings! Discover all that awaits you, including the return of SPOILERS to Kattegat.

Things will change! Tonight, the American cable channel History will air episode 17, entitled “The Great Army” of Season 4 of Vikings, for which we disclosure of that promo pictures . This chapter promises many twists as the synopsis tells us that “The Viking army starts to gather in Kattegat. Also, Lagertha must remain vigilant during the absence of his son Bjorn” . Via the promo pictures, we know that the latter will be back in Kattegat, accompanied by Rollo and Floki. Thus, we may ask what absenteeism is referred to. Will the young man go back as soon as he has come, in order to avenge the murder of Ragnar? We have every reason to think that this will be the case in view of the last video promo that has arrived, showing an immense army attacking the troops of King Aelle. Finally, it seems that the desire to see Ragnar King Egbert suffer the consequences of his death will not be realized immediately.
Other elements intrigue us enormously: How will the people react to the return of Kattegat Rollo? How the latter, Bjorn, Hvitserk and Floki will react to the confirmation of Ragnar’s death? As well as that of Aslaug? Will Lagertha keep her business on Kattegat? How will the girl kidnapped by Helga adapt to her new life? We should also see Ecbert and witness the consequences on him of his choice of delivering Ragnar. King Aelle will not be left behind and will not soon to understand the enormous error he has committed. Finally, we will see a very nice rapprochement between Floki and Ivar and we presume that the first will be at the origin of the military equipment, which will allow the second one to fight like no other. Recently, we revealed with a first picture what role Jonathan Rhys Meyers held in season 5 of Vikings! What are you waiting for tonight’s episode?