Vikings season 4: Episode 17, what will happen?

Cinema 11 January, 2017

Tomorrow night will be the episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings … Hang on, it may be explosive once again!

Do not expect a quiet end of season 4 for Vikings … But then, not at all! The show may have lost its hero (RIP Ragnar), but it still has a lot in the belly! Tomorrow night ‘s episode 17 of season 4 Vikings will air on History and will take us into the heart of the vengeance of the son of Ragnar . And when vikings decide to take revenge, it can do very – very badly. One would not like to be in the place of King Aelle … or even Lagertha! If the new queen of Kattegat has refused to fight Ivar, he has not said his last word and will not let go of the affair anytime soon. Especially that Bjorn will not be there to protect her. If one doubts his death, exile seems inevitable. In “The Great Army” , Lagertha will be in more danger than ever … but it is not the only one! Discover now an explosive new promo video for upcoming episodes of Vikings . We had warned you, this end of season will be crazy.
To honor the memory of their late father, Ivar, Bjorn, Ubbe, Sigurd and Hvisterk will prepare for battle. And as we can see in these new images, they are not going to do things by halves. To put the odds on their side, they will form an extremely powerful army , twice as powerful as that of Ragnar. Since Kattegat, the Viking forces will develop a tactic to attack the Anglo-Saxon lands. Do Aelle and Ecbert have a chance? Frankly, we would not bet on them! But if the Vikings appear from winners, it is not certain they will release all alive this war … Who will be in season 5? If you rely on shooting photos on social networks, there are many absentees! Definitely, after Aslaug and Ragnar, the end of season 4 is the bloodiest …

But before going to kick the buttocks of the kingdoms of Wessex and Northumbria, our heroes will also face many internal troubles. Because yes, in episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings Rollo will be back ! A clear return under high tension. Between Lagertha whom the sons of Ragnar want to kill, the brothers Harald and Halfdan who begin to want to rebel and Floki who does nothing but his head, it begins to make many problems to settle inside the team Vikings. And if the danger did not come from their common enemies, but from their internal tensions? Answer tomorrow night on History !