Vikings season 4: Episode 18, Ecbert in danger in the synopsis?

Cinema 13 January, 2017

A few days from the broadcast of episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings, History unveils the synopsis!

Thy will be done! While we have to reveal the promotional video of episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings , today is the synopsis of this chapter entitled “Revenge” the US cable channel History reveals. This tells us that “The Ragnar plan materializes. The Viking army landed on the coast of Northumbria” . Because of the promo video, we know that the sons of the legendary warrior will attack the troops of King Aelle, and we have every reason to think that it is an overwhelming victory that they will offer us. However, if we look back to the true desire Ragnar expressed at Ivar, revenge on the king Egbert , we may wonder if the episode will not create surprise and before showing us a terrible matchup against King Ael, we are not going to see our heroes fighting in the Wessex?
If so, are we going to witness the death of King Ebert? Could it be this event that will push Alfred to become the famous Alfred the Great? What will push him to face Ivar without concession? We can also ask ourselves whether our hero will not make again visit Rollo to ask him to join his men to the great Viking army. Finally, we question the place of Lagertha in this next chapter and the evolution of the situation in Kattegat! Recently, we revealed to you, with a first photo, the role of Jonathan Rhys Meyer in season 5 of Vikings! What do you think of this synopsis?