Vikings season 4: Episode 18, the bloody revenge of the sons of Ragnar, our critic!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 18 of season 4 of vikings, for which we offer our criticism!
Clashes! Last night History broadcasted episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we dévoilions you a new promo video clips and more . This new chapter was marked by numerous confrontations, the first of which was sentimental. We were able to see King Harald ready to do anything to have the woman of his dreams and this is another, more human facet of the character we have discovered. On her side, Ubbe decides to share Margrethe, whom he has just married, with his brother Hvitserk. The young woman seems even delighted with the situation, but we wonder where all this will lead the two sons of Ragnar. Of treason, it is also question for the eldest son of Ragnar who continues his adventure with Astrid. While Earl Jorgensen Lagertha offer a sacrifice to the gods, Bjorn and Astrid share an intimate moment and their absence at the ceremony does not escape Lagertha and Torvi . Should we expect retaliation? Certainly ! As the title of this chapter reminds us: it is all a question of revenge. Beyond the stories of the heart, it is the confrontation between Ivar and Bjorn for the control of the great army that challenges us. Even if Bjorn imposes himself authoritatively, we wonder if the battle will not be the occasion for Ivar to set a trap for his brother.
After this first part of the episode, we find King Aelle, then King Ecbert. Both learn that the great army is coming and that the battle will begin. While the first receives the news in a religious context, the second learns it by his son Aethelwulf, which offers us to see a very hard but necessary exchange between the father and the son. Ecbert is now old, his story seems to be coming to an end and it is time for him to deliver his last words. On the field of battle, it is first of all the relaxation that wins King Aelle when he faces the first Vikings, but little by little the latter are becoming more and more numerous. The outcome of the attack is expected: the Vikings put down with the troops of King Aelle and our biggest regret is certainly not to have seen anything of it . In fact, the suite immediately leads us to the tomb of Ragnar, where King Aelle is dragged by the feet, attached to a horse. His ordeal is just beginning!
It is immediately less impressive when it does not have the power and does not fail to whine when it appears that the body of Ragnar is no longer where it is supposed to be. The episode concludes with the torture inflicted on him. It is extremely brutal and violent, but after what he has done to Ragnar, we have no compassion. We are even fascinated by the attitudes adopted by the sons of Ragnar. Bjorn made him undergo the most monstrous performance, vengeful and violent Viking society: the blood eagle . Ragnar was thrown into a snake pit, as if thrown into hell. The corpse of Aelle is suspended in the air, the skin of the back removed to form wings, similar to those of an angel, while the voice of Ragnar resonates perhaps for the last time. The question, which will certainly remain unanswered, is to find out where is the body of the most legendary Viking warriors! Once again, it is a captivating and brilliant episode that reaches us, divided between betrayals, clashes, Viking culture and the idea of ​​an epic battle. We will of course remember the powerful scene of sacrifice, that of the ultimate revenge, but also the confrontation between Ivar and Bjorn. There are now two episodes before concluding the season and situations are so peculiar among the Lothbroks that we wonder if the family will not implode by then. Lately, the creator of Vikings came back to the end of Rollo, Floki and Helge future, Astrid and Bjorn in season 4! What did you think of this episode?