Vikings season 4: Episode 18, the war is declared in the video promo!

Cinema 12 January, 2017

Next week, History will broadcast episode 18 of season 4, which is revealed via a first video promo!
It’s the war ! While we have just discovered episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our critic , the American cable channel History has unveiled the first promo video for the next chapter, “Revenge” . This does not tell us much about the course of events, but one thing is certain: revenge is on the march and the war will be total. Indeed, we can see Bjorn, Ubbe, Ivar, Sigurd and Hvitserk, accompanied by their immense army, the largest ever known, according to Lagertha, attacking the troops of King Aelle. This one seems to take the full measure of the danger and he will have to pray to hope that these men win this battle. The Vikings have always shown that they are not afraid of death and nothing will stop them to avenge the horrible death of Ragnar. Will they recover the body of the most illustrious of the Viking warriors? Provide him with a decent funeral?
Even if we do not see it in this video promo, new twists should arrive in Kattegat. Lagertha does not seem to take part in this battle, occupied in fortifying the city which never ceases to welcome new individuals. We wonder if Torvi and she will discover that Astrid and Bjorn have an affair and if so, what will their reaction be? We also wonder if we will see Rollo again and finally if new twists await us with the girl brought back by Helga. Surprises should be numerous in the final episodes of this incredible season. Lately, we dévoilions with a first photo, what the role of Jonathan Rhys Meyer in season 5 of Vikings. What do you expect from the Vikings suite?