Vikings Season 4: Episode 18, War Prepares On Promo Photos!

Cinema 14 January, 2017

A few days from the broadcast of episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings, History unveils the promo pictures!
Before the battle! While we have to reveal the synopsis of episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings , the chain History reveals first pictures of this chapter titled “Revenge” . These show us many moments that will certainly unfold before the epic battle that the sons of Ragnar will lead against the forces of King Aelle. Thus we see the first son of Ragnar discussing together, probably putting a plan of attack to the point and it seems that the tension is the rendezvous between Ivar and Bjorn . While everyone thinks of avenging the death of Ragnar by attacking King Aelle, it seems to us that no one really listens to Ivar. Indeed, the latter is the one who has collected the last wishes of his illustrious father and knows that it is to King Ecbert that they must attack. Moreover, while the others do not seem to be eager to avenge Aslaug, Ivar does not forget his intention to kill Lagertha.
Another part of the photos seem to show that we are going to attend a ritual realized by Lagertha, certainly for the gods watch over the sons of Ragnar. Should we expect a sacrifice? If we look back on the promo video for the remainder of the season, we know that the man who gave a sword to Lagertha could be the victim . Finally, we find the sons of Ragnar, accompanied by Floki and some men on the tomb of Ragnar. Will they find the remains? Are we going to attend a funeral? This chapter promises to be rich in emotions, religions and struggles! The production of season 5 of Vikings continues and we wondered what would be the impact of the character of Jonathan Rhys Meyer! What do you think of these promo pictures?