Vikings season 4: Episode 18, what’s going to happen?

Cinema 17 January, 2017

The hour of vengeance has struck! In episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings, the sons of Ragnar will finally launch the fight … But what will happen?
More than 3 episodes before the end of this chapter of the Viking history ! This conclusion will surely be the most intense that the series has ever offered us. If you thought that the death of Ragnar would be fatal to the show, it is clear that you were wrong … in any case for now! While the legacy of the Viking king still hangs over Kattegat, his sons now have only one idea in mind, avenging him. Last week, Ivar and his brothers are prepared to fight the English armies . Tomorrow night in episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings , so finally we will see the battle that we tease the series since the death of Ragnar Lothbrok. Both say that we are rather excited … Small preview in the video promo of this new episode of Vikings .
In “Revenge” , the Ragnar plan finally come into action because the powerful army of his son come to the lands of Northumbria . Poor Aela will pray in vain, no one pays for her skin! What of Ecbert and Prince Aethelwulf? Will they be spared? It is doubtful that the Vikings have the slightest pity for their enemies but hey, we never know … Our heroes will also face tensions within their ranks. Will Bjorn take the lead over his brothers? Our little finger tells us that Ivar is still at risk of making only his head! Will the Viking warriors benefit from their arrival on the English lands to recover the body of Ragnar and offer him a decent funeral? One thing is certain, the Viking king is still very present in this episode 18 of season 4 Vikings ! You’ll understand, do not miss the epic battle that is coming and be sure to enjoy this season 4 before February 1, when the Season Finale .