Vikings season 4: Episode 19, Bjorn and his men go on the attack in the synopsis and the promo pictures!

Cinema 22 January, 2017

Last week, History will broadcast episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings, which is revealed via its synopsis and its promo pictures!
It’s gonna be bloody! While we propose you to discover a first extract from episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings , History has unveiled the synopsis and promotional photos of “On The Eve” . Thus, we read that “The army Viking causes panic in the English countryside, while King Egbert and Aethelwulf planning the defense of the realm” . It is possible that a good part of the episode attaches to these characters rather than our warriors ready to anything to avenge the murder of Ragnar. In addition, seven shots of the next volume were unveiled. Most are interested in Vikings and we can see Bjorn and his brothers landed in a village of Wessex, seemed completely deserted . But, more impressive, on the other three shots, we see them load in what seems to be the beginning of the assault they orchestrated against the forces of King Aelle.
The rest of the pictures lead us to Kattegat. We can first see Egil at the head of a small army ready to do anything to defeat Lagertha and we can question the motivations of the character. Will he be one of the great enemies of our heroes in the next season? Faced with this surprise attack, we must not count on Lagertha and her warriors to flee. As we see, the Queen of Kattegat will fight to the end to retain control of this city. Until that next chapter, rediscover our review of episode 18 of season 4 Vikings! What do you expect from the last two episodes of Vikings?