Vikings season 4: Episode 19, fatal attack on Kattegat, our critic!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism!
A little respite! Last night History broadcasted episode 19 of season 4 of the Vikings, in which we thought we witness the end of King Egbert . This was not the case, and the sovereign seemed to enjoy a little respite before passing the weapon to the left. Even if there was any question of fighting for our warriors seeking to avenge the death of Ragnar, it is not this point that has dominated. Indeed, before bloodshed, the episode is greatly interested in the personal stories of the characters. On the side of Floki, he has to face the disappearance of the girl Helge brought back from their last journey. We perceive how much he is lost to this child whom he has never desired. But more intriguing, we realize that the latter is more afraid of Helge than Floki, should we fear for the life of the wife of the boatbuilder? Harald, on the other hand, continues to be obsessed with his princess and avenges himself for the insult he believes he has suffered by killing his husband. Vengeance is a common desire among the Vikings and the princess is setting a trap for Harald and is about to kill him while they make love. The life of the Nordic King is saved by his brother who kills the young woman before she commits her vengeful act. We now wonder if he will always have so much luck!
In the Wessex, all are preparing for the confrontation with the Vikings, but King Ecbert does not want to wait for the Vikings to be at his gates. He sends his son to meet them. In fact, we see many interesting scenes. First of all between Aethelwulf and Alfred. It is not his son, yet he loves him more as if it were and more than he has ever been. Then we see a scene between Aethelwulf and Ecbert, where the latter holds a powerful speech but once again devoid of any paternal love. Again, it is a great sadness that comes from the prince of Wessex and we ask ourselves if he does not go to death rather than to war. As for the Vikings, we are once more impressed by what the quarterback Ivar. This one proposes not to fight as usual, but to make use of the peculiarities of the landscape that surrounds them: hill, wood … The strategy pays off since the men of Aethelwulf are disconcerted by the method of the vikings And the dead are rapidly becoming numerous. When the Prince of Wessex has the idea of ​​going to the Viking ships, to leave with to destroy them, the trap of Ivar closes on him, for the greater happiness of Floki. Vengeance on the Wessex has only just begun and King Ecbert may be afraid!
Action level, things are much more interesting in Kattegat. The city is the victim of a well orchestrated attack, led by Egil, and while we fear that Lagertha and his family will not have to flee the danger, this was not the case. However, the attack does not spare our heroes since Torvi a true Viking, mother of the children of Bjorn, does not survive this battle . It was by an ingenious scheme that Lagertha and Astrid captured Egil, and the queen afflicted her with an intense torture session in good and due form, so that he admitted that he had been engaged by Harald, desirous of extending his territory. To his reaction, we may think that Lagertha expected such treachery. Henceforth, Lagertha should certainly trap his new enemy in order to make him pay for the deaths for which he is responsible. Overall, it was a dense and interesting episode that was offered to us. While it seems that the chapter is closed for Kattegat, the final vengeance of the sons of Ragnar continues slowly and should find its conclusion during an epic final season. Lately, we dévoilions that episode 20 of season 4 Vikings had leaked and we will rapportions all the details! What did you think of this episode?