Vikings season 4: Episode 19, Lagertha and Kattegat dangerously attacked in the promo video!

Cinema 20 January, 2017

Next week, History will broadcast episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings, which unveils in an incredible video promo!
The war is total! While we have just witnessed the death of King Aelle in episode 18 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we propose our criticism , it would seem that the clashes are still numerous in the last two volumes of the season. Indeed, History has just unveiled an incredible video promo for episode 19, titled “On The Eve” . This one begins in the Wessex, where we find Aethelwulf discovering the huge Viking army heading towards the kingdom of his father. Ecbert now seems much less dejected and determined to fight battle since he tells his son that ‘the time of hatred has come, the time of war has come!’ . On the assailants’ side, we find that relations between Ivar and Bjorn are very tense, and the youngest seems to find the words to hurt his elder! The question is how long Bjorn will remain calm.
The second part of the promo video is more unexpected since we discover that Kattegat and Lagertha are in great danger. The Viking city is attacked, subjects are killed, fires break out and everything seems to be the work of Egil, one of the two new characters we met in episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings . Does he act for his own account or for King Harald? We should find out quickly. Now it seems unlikely that Ragnar’s sons will come back in time to help Kattegat and so it is the escape that Lagertha should favor. Will she survive this affront? Should we expect the death of Torvi, Astrid or the recent queen? The end of the season promises to be loaded with twists, battles and dead! What do you think of this promo video?