Vikings season 4: Episode 19, the attack of Kattegat in the heart of a first excerpt!

Cinema 21 January, 2017

A few days after the release of episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings, History unveils a first excerpt unveiling the attack of Kattegat!
Battle in battle! As you dévoilions with the promotional video of episode 19 of season 4 of Vikings , the great army led by Bjorn and his brothers will attack the king Egbert and his son Aethelwulf. While we expect a bloody battle and without concessions, which should provide us some notable dead (perhaps that of a son of Ragnar), it will not be the only meeting that “On The Eve” we Will present. Indeed, we know that Kattegat will be plagued by an unexpected assault . This part of the next episode is also the subject of a first single released by the US cable channel History ! As construction of the fortress continued, we discovered Lagertha and his troops defending themselves against what appears to be an invasion attempt. The attack is well coordinated, so that the forces of the Queen of Kattegat are quickly surpassed.
It does not take long to Lagetha to become aware. Braving the danger and saw that fire start to say, it notes that the attack was carried out from within by Egil on behalf of the great Earl (we understand he speaks of Harald). From then on, she informed Astrid that they were not well positioned. Will it succeed in protecting its territory and keeping it under control? Should we expect to witness the death of one of his faithful warriors? The episode should not fail to surprise us. As the end of the excerpt shows, the arrival of Bjorn and his men in the Wessex will cause a real exodus of local populations. Proof of the terror they represent! Lately, we dévoilions you our review of episode 18 of season 4 Vikings! What do you think of this excerpt?