Vikings season 4: Episode 20, a first excerpt of the final season to discover!

Cinema 29 January, 2017

In a few days, History will broadcast the episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings, which is revealed in a first excerpt!
A disconcerting entry! While we were wondering who succumb in the season finale of season 4 of Vikings , today is a first preview of episode 20, entitled “The Reckoning” that History sent us. This one is obviously interested in the battle that is played in the Wessex and we can see the impressive Viking army melt on a village placed under the aegis of King Ecbert. Without any resistance, our warriors reach the gates of the city and smash it without difficulty with a ram. The result is more disconcerting since making their entrance, all realize that the village was deserted . Nevertheless, Bjorn is suspicious and sends Harald and his men to check the local church. Could it be that the villagers all gathered in this place of prayer to seek protection from their god?
With this excerpt, we understand that the Vikings are not the only ones to put in place new strategies of combat and defense. It is therefore a real tactical game that will be offered to us. This sneak peek seems to be at the beginning of the episode since we find that all of our heroes are still alive. Now we wait to see if our warriors did not fall into a trap ! Also, we look forward to seeing if we will see Lagertha and Rollo again in the final episode of this season. For more impatient of you, know that episode 20 of season 4 Viking leaked and we dévoilions you all the details! What do you think of this excerpt?