Vikings season 4: Episode 20, the rage of Ivar, our critic of the final season!

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Last night, History was broadcasting episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings! Discover our review of this epic final season!
An epic ending! Last night, the US channel History broadcasted episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we dévoilions the synopsis and promotional photos . Following the mid-season finale, everything takes us to that moment. We had a huge leap in the time of about ten years when Ragnar disappeared and his sons grew up, we saw Lagertha kill Aslaug and take power on Kattegat, then Ragnar be tortured and killed while Bjorn was beginning to cover the Mediterranean Sea. Rollo made a brief return to his family, before the sons of Ragnar decided to avenge their father. After offering a real torture to King Aelle, the target was the Wessex. In the previous episode we witnessed the beginning of the battle between the Viking Grand Army and the troops of Prince Aethelwulf. Although we do not expect it, it manages to escape our warriors during the bloody and muddy visually very successful fighting , retreating with a handful of men, and to join his father King appearing to be in a second state. To our astonishment, Ecbert refused to flee despite the insistence of his son and allowed him to become the new king, as formally as possible, before he left with wife and children. The future of the kingdom thus assured, the king of Wessex, Mercia and certainly other forgotten lands remains in his kingdom with some men: warriors and religious.
It is during the assault of our warriors that beautiful things happen. While the men of the north brutally plunder the city, burning the transcripts of its history, its memories and all this wisdom acquired over time, we witness a powerful scene during which Ecbert goes to Bjorn. Simultaneously, it is a moment of madness that is offered to us. While Floki seems to feel compassion for a religious assassinated by Hvitserk, Helga is killed by her adopted daughter, who commits suicide to free herself. Floki found his wife in time to deliver his last words: “The world is too small for you” before qu’inconsolable, it offers him an intense ritual burial. After the time of battle comes the time of vengeance! What to do with Ecbert? This question evidently causes dissension between the sons of Ragnar. Ivar wants to offer him a death similar to that of King Aelle, but Bjorn has another idea and has the last word: he asks for land that the king of Wessex grants him and lets him choose his death. Although we doubt the validity of the cession of land by Ecbert, who is no longer king, the death of the latter is a highlight of the episode. He suicide in his bath, a place that reminds us of intense exchanges between him and Ragnar, while listening for the last time the voices of those who counted in his life. A worthy end for the one who offered Ragnar to death.
The last part of the episode is very different and sets up the next era of Vikings. This half season was only a beautiful transition leading us to the emergence of a future viking legend: Ivar. After Floki’s departure for a better place, the time for the feast and the celebration of victory came. The Grand Army beat two kingdoms. While Bjorn wishes to continue his Mediterranean journey, the other sons of Ragnar exchange on the continuation and Ivar gives us an inhabited speech. His desire for his people is only a matter of destruction and conquest, not of facilities and cultivation. Faced with his brothers close to his head, he explodes and his rage is such that kills Sigurd by throwing his ax in the chest . The scene is intense, chilling and the famous fate of Sigurd Eye of Serpent is truncated. A scenario choice expected because of the disagreement displayed between the characters, but that remains astonishing as Sigurd’s real destiny promised great things. The unity of the Lothbrok sons is no longer henceforth and only Bjorn can pretend to be actually crossing the road of Ivar. Should we expect his death?
Finally, the episode ends with the new character played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who will be central in season 5 of Vikings, which we dévoilions you new details . We learn little about it: it is a religious, having a sexual life with the weeping widows and a sword that should soon be covered with blood. This episode lived up to our expectations, although we would have liked brief passages by Kattegat and even by the Kingdom of the Franks to see Lagertha and Rollo again. Now we know that it is several ways to draw the future of the Vikings that will be offered to us to see: that made of conquests and installations of Bjorn and that made of destruction of Ivar. Whether one or the other, the sons of Ragnar will surely make new enemies. Beyond Aethelwulf, which is still alive, we can expect war to continue, as well as rebounds and rivalries. The Viking epic is just beginning! What did you think of this final season?