Vikings season 4: Episode 20, the synopsis and promotional photos unveiled!

Cinema 30 January, 2017

A few days from the release of the final season, History unveils the synopsis and promotional photos of episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings!
Final Combat! This week, History broadcast episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we dévoilions a first extract . Today, it is the synopsis and promotional photos of “The Reckoning” we receive. Thus, we read that: “The prince Aethelwulf is exposed to the main plane of the Viking army, while Egbert king stays back with his own plan” . With these words, we can ask if the ruler of Wessex will not find a way to escape the vengeance of the son of Ragnar . Will his last wish come true? Although this answer will find its answer only in the final season, we can be sure that the action will be there. Indeed, we can see our warriors passing the attack against the troops of Aethelwulf. The life of the latter now holds only a thread.
On other pictures, we can see that there will be talk of family tension between the sons of Ragnar and more particularly between Ivar and Bjorn. We wonder about the possible death of the son of Lagertha . Ivar has already shown us how impulsive he is and how much he did not appreciate Bjorn taking control of the Viking army when his father told him that it would be his own. Finally, other photos show us being portrayed by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who will be central in season 5 of Vikings and for which we dévoilions you all the details! With him, there will be talk of war, but above all of religion! After this final season, a new era of the series will open. What do you expect from the final season of Vikings?