Vikings season 4: Episode 20, who died in the Season Finale?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Season 4 of Vikings ended last night! We take stock of the – many – deaths of the Season Finale.
Well clearly, Vikings dropped a lot of ballast in the season 4! The series dares and we adore. If we were accustomed to a lot of violence on the part of the show History , ever so many main characters had bowed out in so little time. The casting loads of the series had to be overbooked during the shooting of season 5 because clearly, it was necessary to bail the ranks! Not surprisingly, the Season Finale of season 4 Vikings did not escape this morbid trend. It’s time to say goodbye to the dead of this episode 20 crazy … Warning, spoilers (logically).
The soldiers of Prince Aethelwulf’s army
The prince does himself miraculously not without watching his men die one by one facing the powerful Vikings. There is no doubt that his desire for revenge will be enormous in season 5 …
Helga and Tanaruz
Poor Helga! All his love for Tanaruz was not enough. Her daughter adopted the stab before committing suicide. Hard blow for Floki (and for us!).
The King Ecbert
After negotiating with Bjorn and in a scene completely crazy and mystical, King Ecbert is killing himself by cutting his veins.
You must not annoy Ivar too long, otherwise he will swing an ax in your mouth (after all, he has already done it when he was only a toddler). We had seen him coming and we had not been mistaken, Ivar ended up killing his brother under the gaze of the rest of the siblings …
Once again, the Vikings offered us a memorable episode that presage an exceptional season 5 ! Who will follow Ivar in his madness? Will Lagertha remain at the head of Kattegat? Will Rollo be back? Will the Ecbert clan succeed in making the Vikings tremble? So many questions that will make us ruminate until the recovery … By then, stay connected!