Vikings season 4 Floki and Rollo honored in new promo videos!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

A few days back from season 4 of Vikings, Floki and Rollo are honored new promo videos!
J-18! There are some days, we will dévoilions a new promo video for Season 4 of the Vikings, where all were alongside Bjorn . Today, the promotion continues for the American cable channel History with two new featurettes. The first is devoted to Floki and we have to discover a scene where he is with Bjorn and Helga. The conversation is for the construction of vessels to carry our warriors on the Mediterranean and Bjorn does not lose the north and asked him to accompany him, which delights Floki. Michael Hirst, creator of the series, and Gustaf Skarsgard, who plays Floki, do not fail to indicate that the boat maker is someone tortured and especially his relationship with Ragnar always hold a special place. Moreover, we are witnessing a very poignant scene between them where Ragnar told Floki he loves.
The second featurette that we present is interested in Rollo. We attend first to his coronation following his victory against his, and we see this enormous need for recognition he needed to feel accomplished . Then Clive Standen says now, Rollo needs to take its destiny in hand and he wants his own kingdom, but it will also take decisions that could endanger him. Rollo will certainly be a strong character coming episodes, but it could be part of many deaths expected in the 4B Vikings season! What would you do with these characters?