Vikings season 4: Intrigues, dead, spoilers … Everything you need to know before the return of the series!

Cinema 25 November, 2016

After months of waiting, Season 4 Vikings will make his return in a few days! Discover everything you need to know about the return of the series, its intrigues, its people and its spoilers.

vikings-saison-4-katheryne-winnick-lagerthaAn update! On November 30, History will broadcast “The Outsider” , episode 11 of season 4 of Vikings, where we met the son of Ragnar in several promo videos . We know that second half of the season will mark the entry into a new era for our heroes. A significant leap in time was conducted and therefore many new intrigues to be proposed to us. First, one involving Ragnar. He will make his return to Kattegat, after years of absence, to make every effort to engage a battle against Wessex. Unfortunately, only Ivar will follow in this quest. A quest loaded in disillusionment, which could well lead to the presumed and expected death of Ragnar. Another trip we will be proposed: that Bjorn will go to the conquest of the Mediterranean, accompanied by Floki and some of his brothers. Moreover, Rollo will feel the need to reconnect with his roots Vikings. Kattegat is also one of the major challenges of the next puisqu’Aslaug Lagertha episodes and will compete to have the leadership. Finally, the other son will not be left behind as everyone will choose their destiny . Destinies that could lead to clash! To death ?
Possibly! We have seen in several excerpts, Sigurd is perceived as the weak link of the siblings, but it is also enamored of the young woman with whom Ubbe sharing intimate relationships. Thus the possibility of a fight between brothers and fratricide can not be excluded. Note that Hvitserk is the only so far not to have benefited from promotion on his character. Does that mean he will die quickly? Everything is possible. Other deaths are expected. We said there that Ragnar, but Aslaug and Rollo could also be close to the end of their stories . Conversely, we have nothing to fear for Lagertha, present on the set of season 5! Then she will be the new queen of Kattegat? The new episodes also expected to create new characters, including Astrid, the new companion Lagertha. Note that the 5 son of Ragnar should not miss to experience great love stories! We are impatient ! Stay tuned since after the official posters of the 4B Vikings season , promotion should continue! Are you excited to attend the Vikings back?