Vikings Season 4: Many deaths to be expected?

Cinema 11 November, 2016

Only a few days before the return of season 4 Vikings! But should we expect the death of many characters?

Imvikings-saison-4-trailer-bande-annonce-partiepatience is climbing as the days approach the fateful date of 30 November. Next the note lines contain SPOILERS . Which characters do we prepare ourselves to say goodbye? Begin of course with the character without which the Vikings would not Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok. In recent seasons we saw our heroes lose ground gradually. And this because of bad decisions he made. Starting with his break with Lagertha until his drug addiction after his relationship with Yidu. There followed a long period of exile. At the end of the first part of season 4, he is back in Kattegat. And we know, he did not return to take power. Aslaug is on the throne and a new generation of Vikings arrived on the front of the stage. What future then for Ragnar? He is now weakened, far from the heroic figure of the beginning. This season could well be his last. Died there in battle? By avenging Rollo? Or he will eventually die in prison after being betrayed by one of his own? Nothing is sure yet, but the hours of Ragnar seems counted. Before the find, dive behind the scenes filming Season 4 of Vikings.
Another character could also lose his life, but for most fans, it would be rather good news. We know Aslaug is now head of Kattegat. But the most powerful Viking is desperate to make it fall. Indeed, Lagertha decided to take back what is owed. She will not hesitate to kill all people getting in his way. And we imagine that it will be happy to get rid of Aslaug. It has long been waiting for a confrontation between two women of character . Finally, just smiled at Rollo in the first part of the season. But that could soon change towards the end of the second part. Contrary to Katheryn Winnick and interpreters of son Ragnar, Clive Standen will not appear on the photos or video filming Season 5. In addition, he is the hero of the new NBC series, Taken. The reasons for his possible death remain uncertain, since historical sources are not provided. Absent Ragnar and Rollo of Season 5 of Vikings? One wonders if the series can survive without its heroes. Who do you think will die?