Vikings Season 4: Meet Ivar in a new promo video!

Cinema 8 November, 2016

The return of season 4 Vikings approach and the promotion continues with a new promo video, offering us to get to know Ivar!

vikings-saison-4-4b-posterLike father, like son! On November 30, the American cable channel History will air episode 11 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we have plunged in behind the scenes . Today, promotion of the series is growing and it’s a new featurette that reaches us. This one is dedicated to Ivar, and after attending new reunion between Ragnar and his son, Alex Hogh Andersen, who embodies explains the changes to come. The four youngest son of the warrior have grown up with the leap in time and undeniably, they do not all react in the same way against the unexpected return of their father. Ivar adopts a behavior well apart and the actor says he is still a teenager who needs love and who missed an essential person in his life: his father . Therefore, the return thereof is very important to him.

The suite offers us several unpublished excerpts and series creator Michael Hirst, no shortage of saying Ivar’s a great character, a character that makes up for not being able to walk by great intelligence. He assures, Ivar will become a great military strategist and with it, we should see epic battles. Moreover, we see a training sword between him and one of his brothers and we see that even in weakness, it is more talented than the latter. Ivar’s scary and brothers are afraid! In history, it is one of the most famous Vikings of all time! From our side, we are already a fan of the character and our excitement is at its peak! Lately, we disclosure of that first three teasers season 4B Vikings, making the honor Ragnar, and Ivar Floki! What do you think of this featurette?