Vikings Season 4: Meet the other son of Ragnar in several promo videos!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

A few days before the launch of the second part of Season 4 of Vikings, meet other son Ragnar in several promo videos!
The succession is in place! While we dévoilions you new promo video Season 4 Vikings, putting Floki and Rollo in the spotlight , it is now the son Ragnar that we care. Since that History began promoting this new round of episodes, we’ve learned a lot over the next Bjorn adventures, but also on Ivar. Now it is Sigurd and Ubbe who is offered the featurettes. Thus, in the one on the first, as stated David Lidström, who embodies the youngest son of Ragnar is somewhat lost when we discover. He never really knew his father and sees that as a loser. His relationship with his brothers are not better since Michael Hirst, creator of the series, we indicated that he wants to sleep with the same girl qu’Ubbe and he would be as good at fighting than others. D ‘ the extracts that we discover and the historicity of Sigurd, called Eye-de-Snake, we must expect a character who could surprise us greatly.
The second featurette focuses on Ubbe and it will certainly be the son of Ragnar and Aslaug opposing the more his father. As Michael Hirst points out, the young man is very protective of her brothers, for whom it was a real surrogate father. The destiny of the character remains quite mysterious, but we do not doubt that it will not fail to seduce us . Note that for now, only Hvitech will not be offered as a featurette! Could it be that the character does not survive long in this second part of season 4 of Vikings? Historically, we know that his reign is very short so anything is possible. Now, get to know Ivar via a promo video for Season 4 Vikings! What do you think of these new featurettes?