Vikings Season 4: SPOILER dead, back on all the times he nearly passed!

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Now that SPOILER has died in season 4 of Vikings, back on all the times he almost went!

This time it was the right one! In episode 15 of season 4 Vikings Ragnar died and fans mourn and pay tribute to him. For its part, the US cable channel History chose to publish a video retracing the obsession of our warrior to death and every time we thought we lose. From the very first scene of the series, death was present . Indeed, Ragnar and Rollo are on a battlefield and the one who is not yet the king of Kattegat observes Odin collecting the souls of the deceased. He is connected with death like no other. The images do not fail to remind us that Ragnar was already at the gates of the Valhalla, and that they closed in front of him, his hour had not yet come. At the same time, we hear the legendary Viking speak of death and remind us how much she has torn from people, be it her own children or her friends.
We also see how many times he put his life in danger during the battles he fought, whether in Paris, against his former king, his brother, King Aelle and against himself. Indeed, Ragnar played with drugs, he wanted to kill himself by hanging and like any good viking believer, he was never afraid of dying! The Seer says that the gods observe, but Ragnar died as an atheist and we will never know if he has acceded to the Valhalla. Perhaps his death is an analogy to the fall of Adam and Eve? Indeed, in Genesis, a serpent endowed with speech and residing in the Garden of Eden, seduces Eve, inciting him to eat the Forbidden Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which will lead to his expulsion Of the Garden of Eden. Through his thirst for knowledge, Ragnar abandoned his gods, gave the taste of knowledge and curiosity to his sons, which could lead to the fall of the Viking people. Anyway, Ragnar died and will remain a hero who thrilled us for many beautiful seasons! Recently, we revealed you could be the man with one eye we saw in Season 4 Vikings! What do you expect from the rest of the series?