Vikings season 4: SPOILER returns to the death of his character!

Cinema 25 December, 2016

In the last episode of season 4 of Vikings, we witnessed the death of SPOILER. His interpreter returns to this moment!
It was an end! As you have discovered in our review of episode 14 of season 4 of Vikings , Lagertha finally took his revenge by killing Aslaug and taking power on Kattegat! Alyssa Sutherland, who incarnates the late wife of Ragnar and mother of Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar returns on the last moments of his personage. First, it stated that it did not think qu’Aslaug survive so long : “I thought she would be part in the second season because it corresponded to the first contract I signed Once the boys. Older, I thought it would be interesting to see what Michael Hirst (the creator) would do with an older mother. Obviously, at the beginning of the fourth season, when she goes to see the Seer and tells her a woman would rule Kattegat, I told myself, ‘OK, I can not imagine either Aslaug ” . The actress also came about when she discovered next to her character death . “One of the producers came to me on the set and asked me to take a walk I joked: ‘Why Is? I kill myself? ‘ He just looked at me without saying anything and I thought, ‘Oh, Wow, I’m killed!’ Then we went for a walk and he told me I was leaving. We were in the middle of filming episode 9 or 10 “.
On his last day of shooting, Alyssa Sutherland said: “The last day was just incredible Many actors after filming the death of their character, still have a few days of filming, because we do not filming in the. I was very lucky because my last day was when we filmed my scene of death and the last shot was the one where we see mud on my face. Had so many people on the set because we had all the extras in the scene, it was comforting! When you finish with a role that you have held for years and you know so well everyone … I’ve never done a theater, I’ve never really played that way … so having all those people who start applauding and encouraging you is pretty moving ” .
The actress also said to have questioned his end putting in confrontation with Lagertha: “When you look at the script, I do not think it’s a woman’s story against woman When I spoke with Michael Season 4. , Before I knew I was going to be killed, I wanted to push Aslaug into a darker place, we do not see many women doing bad things on television, when we see a lot of men doing it. Aslaug in this darker place and maybe offer him a questionable relationship with Ivar, I did not want her to be a good housekeeper for Kattegat, I wanted her to be greedy, have a title and it does so not good. I prefer to think that this is not a story of woman against woman, but like ‘You’re not good enough to run this city ” .
We see, at one time, Aslaug told his son to marry reproductive purposes and not necessarily for love, but the actress says “Aslaug was in love with Ragnar. A 100%. She was first attracted to him Because of his power and what he was doing, just as women are attracted to Mick Jagger. There was the initial attraction because of this and all I know about the Vikings, they really wanted to die honorably and Going to Valhalla, your fame was important, so she would have been attracted to him for that reason, but she fell completely in love with him.This did not happen as she thought and she became cynical about men ” . Also, she thinks if Aslaug had not had his vision and Ragnar Ivar dying at sea, she would have fought against Lagertha . “She thinks she will never see Ivar again, and Ragnar has forgiven her, they are no longer in love with each other, and Ivar is gone and she thinks she does not have much She knows what Lagertha is going to do, no matter what she says, and I like her to be really smart at the end asking for a safe passage.It’s a smart way to say, ‘I know what you’re going to do and I’ll say it all in front of all these people and then they’ll see you do it, they’ll see what’s really going on with you.’ ‘I liked it a bit like a chess”.
Alyssa Sutherland ensures qu’Aslaug knew she was going to die! “Yes, she knew what she was going to do, where would she go, she negotiated her death, that’s what I think.” She negotiated and chose her own way of dying. I talked with Michael about this and the fact that many people do not really get to do it. the idea of choosing how you go and do it in a way, I loved it ” . Remains to be seen if we have a chance to review Aslaug: “If it were to happen, it would be a very quick scene And for me, it would have Ivar is obliged to appear before it this Michael to choose from, but.. The door is always open I was ready for the death of Aslaug Professionally, when you are in a role for many years you start to feel like novelty and new challenges.I loved my experience with Vikings , It was so good for me personally and professionally, but it suits me if we do not see it again. “There was not much more to say about Aslaug, she had her sons and accomplished everything she had need to, as she says in this last stage. she looks Seeing and Seeing nods towards her … it’s over and Aslaug was ready ” . Recently, Alex Hogh teasait future Ivar in season 4 Vikings! Will Aslaug miss you?

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