Vikings Season 4: SPOILER threatened with death by Ivar in two exciting new trailers!

Cinema 28 November, 2016

A few days back from season 4 of Vikings, History unveils two new exciting trailers, where Ivar SPOILER threat to kill her!

vikings-saison-4-4b-poster“One day I’ll kill you!” While we have to unveil a new clip from Season 4 of Vikings, where Aslaug witnessing the death of his son Ivar , the American cable channel History has unveiled two exciting new trailers . In the first, we first see the King Egbert who learns the return of Ragnar and Bjorn directs men Kattegat a new journey. Viking village, Aslaug does not fail to remind Lagertha she is the Queen, provided the first wife of Ragnar will launch the assault to conquer the place. Still it will face a more dangerous that person: Ivar. It does not lack the swearing threaten him: “One day I’ll kill Lagertha” . Although it seems to remain of marble, we have no doubt that this promise can worry. The rest of the video we guarantee a season full of fights and twists.
The second promo video that reaches us is free of dialogue, but forget not our heroes. We note again that the action will indeed be waiting for you, especially when Aslaug launched a ruthless assault on Kattegat, or when our warriors will confront the forces of king Aelle. Conquer the seas will continue to Bjorn, who should take the lead in the Mediterranean, while Sigurd and his brothers will be looking for love! Besides, we told you, Sigurd Ubbe and should compete for the same woman. Lately, we dévoilions preview of Season 4 of the Vikings, in which Ragnar commits suicide . A passage extracts of which are visible in these promo videos! Now we have to see how it will survive this hanging! What do you think of these new promo videos?