Vikings Season 4: SPOILER will he commit suicide?

Cinema 26 November, 2016

A few days back from season 4 of Vikings, History reveals a new extract in which suicide seems SPOILER!
He hit bottom! While we dévoilions everything we knew about Season 4 of Vikings, between intrigues, deaths and spoilers , the American cable channel History has revealed a new single coming episodes. Unclear whether this scene comes from the midseason premiere or another episode of the season, but it is particularly interesting. Indeed, we see Ragnar horse, which goes to a tree. After watching attentively, he descends from his horse, passes a string to one of the branches before rising on horseback. The suite is intended particularly tragic since we see it pushes the horse to gallop, while he stays put. We see his feet flying into space and thus understand that he just hang himself. We hear Ragnar push a last breath and understand that our warrior has finally hit bottom.
However, we have much trouble believing that suicide and believe that this scene takes place well before Ragnar will make his return to Kattegat. It might be exciting to follow an episode showing us what the character did during his long absence and this scene could be one of the key elements of its history. We do not know how he will survive this attempted suicide! Rescue? Does the branch will break? The rope will she break? Whatever the answer, we believe that Ragnar will not die and thus failed suicide could be seen as a divine sign, a sign pushing our hero back to Kattegat. Lately, we dévoilions Ragnar Ivar, Lagertha, Bjorn and others on official posters of the season 4B Vikings! That this scene do you think?