Vikings season 4: The end of Rollo, Astrid and Bjorn, the future of Floki and Helga … the creator swings! (SPOILERS)

Cinema 16 January, 2017

Following the events of the last episodes of season 4 of Vikings, the creator swings on the end of Rollo, the relationship between Astrid and Bjorn, the future of Floki and Helga …
A promising sequel! While we have to reveal who the two new characters we met in episode 17 of season 4 of Vikings , the creator of the flagship series of History has played the game of the interview, we Offering numerous spoilers. It is first returned to the kiss exchanged between Bjorn and Astrid , to explain why. He said: “Bjorn is struggling with the impact and consequences of the death of his father. He tried for a long time to become something for himself. Ragnar used to tease him and was very cruel. Bjorn It was like the son or daughter of a famous rock star. How do you manage this legacy? The same thing, you will be compared, and usually it will be bad, so when he returns to Kattegat, he returns to a family situation where his mother is now powerful, she became a queen, she never mentioned that, she Kattegat has just told her that she is going to live with the consequences. “Now she has a lover.” He loves his mother, but part of him says, “I can take this Woman away from you. You can not dominate me. I am as strong as you. ” He does that, I think, to prove a point. He will not sit on his lap. He takes what he wants. And I think that’s a question with which Bjorn will struggle and finally resolve. But for now, he’s still in the shadow of his father and mother, and says “I’ll take what I want!” I’m Bjorn Ironside!
Then he returned to a time that has troubled many spectators: the meaning of the scene between Lagertha and Ubbe : “On the set, someone said, ‘Is Jordan Patrick Smith, who plays Ubbe do Not much like Travis Rimmel younger? ‘ As soon as someone said it, you realize that you were half conscious of it, you realize: ‘Yes, it resembles it!’ It is an extraordinary thing, and it echoes many of the ideas that I already had for the character of Ubbe: all sons inherited different aspects of Ragnar, his psychology or his philosophy or other. , For me, was always going to be the closest to him, psychologically, and the one who was going to be most tempted to try to reach his vision of an installation in England or elsewhere. In my mind, Ubbe was the heir to Ragnar’s philosophy, and especially his temperament, Jordan is also Australian, like Travis, so he has a more relaxed attitude, I think Lagertha sees these things in Ubbe and knows that she is threatened by the sons of Ragnar, she knows that she has done something that demands vengeance and, in a sense, she holds out her hand to him, hoping, perhaps, that he will not be like Ivar and demand his death. , What happens under the surface is a plea not to kill her, or at least not to kill her too soon. She will accept her fate, of course she will, but she reaches out to Ubbe because Ubbe is one that reminds him most Ragnar ” .
Floki and Helge are two characters who are used to being rooted in Viking culture, but they both reacted differently to their recent trip. Floki lived a religious ecstasy in the mosque and Helge adopted an orphan . In this regard, Michael Hirst said: “It is widely known that Bjorn Ironside sailed around the Mediterranean I interrupted his first adventure to bring him back to his father’s death, but one of the things he inherited. Of his father, it is his curiosity, he is curious about other cultures, he follows what he thinks his destiny and Floki follows him, but the latter is more and more in crisis. They attacked Moorish Spain, and Ragnar’s death had affected Floki almost more deeply than everyone else, and it was his state of mind that he and Helge were going through difficult times. To adopt someone to replace the dead child she had and to continue with life.But Floki seems to understand that he can not simply return to his old life, his daily life, that things collapse too much These tensions on their relationship, these changes – they have moved away and it will have very spectacular results. Floki trying to deal with the consequences of the death of Ragnar, and he tries to find out who he is ” .
The designer is also back on the character of Rollo, assuring that “I do not want to say too much, but the answer is most definitely yes, we’ll see Rollo. – And not just in the mind – is still high part of this series and part of the history of the Vikings in the future ” . We also learn more about the fortification that Lagertha asked for! Will it be useful? “Absolutely and brutally, yes, it will, and of course it really comes back, like so many things, to the ambitions of King Harald.” When we met King Harald the first time he arrived in Kattegat and told Aslaug he would become king of Norway. Anyway, you should never forget it ” . A very bad omen for our heroes!
Finally, Michael Hirst spoke about the character Lagertha, how she killed Aslaug and the consequences that await him: “I do not look at social networks, but of course people relate me what he says. And apparently, many people did not like what Lagertha did in Aslaug. “If you’re raised with the westerns, you do not shoot someone in the back. But it is an important point, of course, Lagertha did not need to do it, she knew very well that in doing so she was in great danger, but I think that, Apart from the need to avenge the death of someone in Viking culture, there is another great part of this culture: pride, pride in your own accomplishments, courage. What Aslaug had done to her, Lagertha could not let her get away. Whatever the risks, whatever they may be, she decided that Aslaug must die for the humiliation she had suffered. So I think Lagertha did it knowing that she would probably be killed by the sons, or one of the sons, of Ragnar. And she is ready to accept it. But all she tries to do in the meantime is to continue being a good queen, being a good housekeeper, doing the things she wants to do, doing the right things and accepting the things that are the will of the gods. In a sense, it is fatalistic about it, but still clever enough to try to get friendly allies, as Ubbe ” . Now remains to discover what the character we reserve in episode 18 of season 4 Vikings, who unveils his promo pictures! What do you think about Michael Hirst?