Vikings Season 4: Ubbe soon as a couple?

Cinema 17 November, 2016

A new character joins the cast of season 4 of Vikings. It could quickly turn the heads of Ubbe.

vikings-saison-4b-ubbe-fils-ragnar-relationIt is hoped qu’Ubbe will not take on Ragnar example regarding love. His father always had complicated relationships with women . Everything started well with Lagertha, which remains for many the one and only. And it was not unworthy for the favor of his beloved. It is said that by going home to declare his love, he had to fight with bare hands a bear and a hunting dog, guarding his door. Finally all ends well and together they have three children. Unfortunately, things will quickly go bad: their daughter will lose life and Lagertha will miscarry. The constant distance Ragnar and some of its decisions soon will end their history. The main reason is of course his prank with Aslaug and his coming to Kattegat, pregnant with their child (Ubbe). Ragnar then proposes a threesome, which will sign the final departure of Lagertha. Yet some still hope to see Ragnar Lagertha and get back together in season 4 of Vikings.
Ragnar and Aslaug disagree and their relationship will quickly deteriorate. It will then take a liking to his slave Yidu. Which earned him becoming addicted to the drug and take a lot of incomprehensible decisions for his own. He eventually kill her and go into exile. Because of this, Ubbe grow up without his father, even if he will be soothed by his exploits. Yet it will become a young brave and courageous man. With his brothers, they mark the history of Denmark. But Ubbe can disown it looks a lot like his father. It has, among other inherited his build and his seductive power. He soon will implement with Margrethe, a slave at once intelligent, courageous and vulnerable . His interpreter, Danish actress, Ida Nielsen, confirmed the rumors by posting a photo on Instagram . We find the two figures entwined in the straw. To learn more about the son of Ragnar, discover them in the promo videos from Season 4 of Vikings. What do you think of Ubbe?