Vikings season 4: Who is going to die in the final season?

Cinema 28 January, 2017

The season finale of season 4 of Vikings will be proposed next week on History, who will die?
Who will join Ragnar? Next week, History broadcast episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings, who will also be the season finale, for which we propose to discover the promo video . This final chapter will surely offer many deaths! So who will join Ragnar?
It is not too much doubt that the King of Wessex will not survive the attack of the Vikings, and we find it hard to believe that the sons of Ragnar will not accomplish his last wishes. It remains to be seen how he will be put to death. This death should cause many upheavals in Wessex and offer new challenges to the series . Note that Aethelwulf should not survive his father.
As we can see, the agreement between Bjorn and Ivar is not a good thing. Once Ecbert is dead, we can expect the youngest son of Ragnar to assassinate his elder brother. Beyond offering a moment that is sure to be intense, this death could have good effects for the plot of Lagertha . Indeed, the latter would no longer benefit from the protection of Bjorn and should thus be forced to flee Kattegat. Ivar could track her and it is a new warrior game that we would be offered and it should not displease us!
Something tells us that Floki’s wife will not survive the final season. We do not think it will succumb in a terrible confrontation, but that it will be killed by the daughter she adopted . We could see that she was not comfortable with it and what better way to get rid of the grip of someone who is feared than to kill it. Such an event would certainly have consequences on Floki, which could push him to leave in a new quest in the Mediterranean Sea.
Among the children Ragnar had with Aslaug, we have every reason to think that Sigurd or Hvitserk will not survive this final season. While we imagine seeing Hvitserk succumbing during the battle in Wessex, we have good reason to believe that Ivar (still him) could kill Sigurd. The disagreement between these two is no longer to prove and a new dispute could end badly.
Even if we doubt it, the final season could offer us to see the death of Rollo. The character has only anecdotal presence and his death would offer him a true conclusion . If we ever return to Kattegat, we could witness the death of Astrid. This new victim in the entourage of the queen of Kattegat would isolate her a little more, which would be particularly interesting to see. Note that Torvi that we thought dead might not be as Michael Hirst teased. For those who would discover the true death of the season finale, remember that episode 20 of season 4 Vikings leaked and we dévoilions you all the details! Who will die according to you?