Vikings season 4: Who is the unknown with one eye?

Cinema 31 December, 2016

In the last episode of season 4 of Vikings, we met an unknown with one eye! Who is he ?
Who is it ? In the final minutes of the episode 15 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism , aboard a boat off Kattegat, we discovered an unknown illustrates provided with a single eye! Since then, many have wondered who he is! One of the first hypotheses is that this character is not at his first appearance. Indeed, some believe that we met him at the very first scene of the first Vikings season and that it would thus nothing short of Odin . Then we find ourselves on a battle scene covered with corpses when Ragnar sees a strange silhouette in the distance, choosing fallen warriors to go back to Valhalla. It is evidently Odin, a god that the Vikings thought to govern the Valhalla and who was especially one of the most emblematic and venerated figures of the Norwegian mythology. He was commonly associated with crows, and gave his eye in exchange for knowledge. The reason why the man on the boat is Odin is that he has a single eye and that his ship is surrounded by a swarm of crows. Moreover, it appears directly after the death of Ragnar, thus linking it to the tragic death of the Vikings.
Another possibility is whether both Ragnar that Odin . The two characters have always been closely linked. According to the legend, Ragnar is the son of Odin and often the Viking warrior is represented with only an open eye. If we think back to the scene in which Aelle tortures, one of her eyes is completely swollen. An appearance of Odin would be appropriate after his death, especially considering the provocative speech of Ragnar to its Saxon captors: “I am delighted to know that Odin is preparing for a feast … Soon I will drink beer in the Horn … This hero who goes to the Valhalla does not mourn his death … I will not enter the room of Odin with fear, my sons will join me, and when they do, fall asleep in their stories … the triumph of seeing me welcome … My death comes without apology, and I am delighted that the valkyries summon me home ” . Thus, Ragnar, like his father, would watch over his people of Kattegat.
The question is whether this presence is good or bad news for the series of History ? Knowing that Odin is the god that takes the souls to Valhalla Viking and ravens often symbolize impending death, we can ask why this ship is Kattegat and not in England to escort Ragnar . The ship of Odin not only appeared in Kattegat directly after the death of Ragnar, but soon after that Ivar returned from Wessex. The young man discovering the death of his mother in Lagertha’s hand seems determined to take revenge on his new queen. The presence of Odin could indicate the imminent death of Lagertha of the hand of Ivar, see that of other individuals. This will certainly not be the case since the character still has many things to accomplish. However, this does not mean that it will be eternally safe and we do not doubt that the sons of Aslaug will eventually get their revenge! Recently, Travis Fimmel and Michael Hirst returned on the death of Ragnar, occurred in episode 15 of season 4 of the Vikings! According to you who is being to an eye?

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