Vikings Season 4: Who will be next to die?

Cinema 6 January, 2017

While two major characters died in Season 4 of Vikings, who will be next?
Next ! After two successive chapters in which we have witnessed major dead, episode 16 of season 4 of Vikings, for which we offer our criticism was much quieter. Nevertheless, other deaths should take place by the end of this burst of episodes. After Aslaug and Ragnar, we expect to witness the death of Rollo (Clive Standen is absent from the filming of season 5 and became the hero of the series Taken ), however, we doubt it will be the next to succumb . Indeed, the character still has to make a remarkable return to Kattegat and it seems to us that it still has some moments of brilliance to offer us. So who will be the next victim? Surely the son Ragnar seek revenge for the murder of Lagertha she committed, and we imagine that it was during this battle that some characters will die.
The name that immediately comes to mind is that of Astrid. These threats to the sons of Ragnar, to protect the one she loves, might be right for the young woman. In the women’s department, we also fear a lot for Helga. After the events of the last episode, we understand that Floki and his wife risk being left out of their people. An isolation that could be right for them, unless the girl Helga has kidnapped, for she sees her daughter in her, does not take revenge on the Vikings, killing her who snatched her from her people. On the men’s side, we can question the survival of Harald and Halfdan. We know that they are plotting against Bjorn and we have a hard time believing that they will succeed. However, they should suffer the consequences of their betrayal. The lives of the members of kingdoms of Wessex and Northumbria are also outstanding You will understand, before attending the death of Rollo, they are secondary characters that we think we see disappear.
As for Lagertha, we do not think to witness his death before a long time. Lately, Katheryn Winnick has interacted with his fans on Twitter and one of them asked him if his character would soon disappear, to which she replied that the series was HIS story . Will she survive until the very last episode? Nothing impossible! The showrunner, Michael Hirst, has already said that Lagertha is the soul of Vikings and that it is crucial for history. Remains that he has yet proved to us that he liked to stick with the recognized history of this people, therefore nothing is impossible. He recently said: “In this series, children grow, people grow old and die I’m proud of it is real people and real events This is not whimsical…” . Lately, fans mourned and paid tribute to Ragnar, who died in Season 4 Vikings! Who will be the next to die according to you?