Vikings season 5: 5 things to remember from the promo video!

Cinema 4 February, 2017

While we have just discovered a first video promo for season 5 of Vikings, here are the 5 things to remember!
That promises to be heavy! While we were wondering when would be broadcast season 5 of Vikings , the US channel History offers us to discover a first trailer that we learn a lot about what future episodes will offer us and offer us some revelations expected. Here are 5 things to remember about the first pictures of the next season:
The first of these concerns Torvi. The last time we saw her, we might have thought she had died during the attack on Kattegat. Obviously, this is not the case and Bjorn’s wife will always be one of the faithful warriors of Lagertha in the next episodes. It should certainly end up in the middle of a love triangle if Bjorn continues his affair with Astrid.
We had already perceived the trouble of the queen of Kattegat against Ubbe, whose physical reminds him enormously young Ragnar. A memory that could make her reproach him, so similar to the only man she has ever loved. In the promo video, we discover them very close, as if they were plotting together. Are we going to their budding love or Ubbe will he ally with Lagertha to avenge the death of Sigurd by attacking Ivar?
As we know, Harald’s ambition is to put all of Norway at his feet. We have every reason to believe that he is the one who ordered the attack on Kattegat, led by Egil. Now it remains to see how he will gain more power and if he will eventually do harm to our heroes. The one who has always been an ally of Kattegat, not without hiding his own ambitions, could he become one of the main rivals of Bjorn and Ivar? We have every reason to believe in the sovereign sit seeing in the trailer, and imagine that it is splitting that will create that will lead to the decline of the Viking empire!
Religion may be more important than ever in Vikings season 5! So far, we have had stories involving religion and others involving battles. In view of the trailer, we have every reason to believe that these two subjects will be one with the emergence of the character of Heahmund. This religious warrior, member of a faction precursor of the Order of the Knights Templar, will attack our heroes. We see, violence should go up a notch, the blood flowing in the dead be many and our heroes be in great danger!
Finally, we have a disturbing statement by the light: next season will be the beginning of the end! With the death of Ragnar, we knew that the series would be enormously interested in his son Ivar, another Viking legend. Ragnar’s story has occupied 45 episodes of the series, so we can hope that it will be the same for Ivar, which would lead us to a season 6. Waiting to know if we saw right, while treating Of the rise of the son of Ragnar, it is the decline of the empire vikings that will be question! The end has never been so close. Should we prepare ourselves to say goodbye to these warriors of another age? Between shooting, intrigues, spoilers … we told you everything we knew about the next episodes of season 5 of Vikings! What were the moments that marked you in the trailer of season 5?