Vikings season 5: A new leap in time to foresee?

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The show of History has accustomed us to big jumps in time, or ellipses, during the different seasons. Should we expect to relive that for season 5 of Vikings?
It is to be expected! We are following the second part of season 4 of Vikings, which takes place after a great leap in the time of a decade after the events of the first 10 episodes of the season. This ellipse, which occurred at the end of the final mid-season, surprised everyone. Yet, the history series’s flagship series is not on its first try in this area. Indeed during season 2, the second episode had started after a jump in the time of four years. Ideal for example to change the interpreter of the young Bjorn, and to integrate Alexander Ludwig in the skin of the son of Ragnar and Lagertha. Moreover, apart from the ellipses, it is always a little difficult to locate the series in time. The drakkar trips in this case are often very long but are done in only a few scenes. So why one can think of a new ellipse for season 5 that will land the actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Simply because the main characters are likely to change.
We are witnessing the emergence of two characters, Bjorn and Ivar, who are the worthy successors of Ragnar in season 4 of Vikings. If the first is already a formidable warrior, the second on the other hand is still only a teenager. But here, Ivar is led to see his role become paramount in the rest of the series. We can imagine seeing it grow quickly to become the warlord expected all . And for that, nothing like a small ellipse! Moreover, if Lagertha (the one that does not age) will be present in season 5 which is currently filming, it is still unclear whether Rollo will be in the game. His interpreter Clive Standen is very taken by the Taken series of which he is the hero. The absence of certain main characters, difficult to age, could facilitate a leap in time. And finally, we do not forget our little English. The young Magnus, and especially the future King Alfred, will soon be in an adult version in the series given their historical importance. We bet on a new ellipse during the fifth season, remains to be seen at what time. Do you think a new leap in time is possible?