Vikings season 5: Focus on the new characters of the next episodes

Cinema 24 February, 2017

Little by little, the information about season 5 of Vikings reach us! Find out who will be the new characters of the next episodes!
Fresh blood! Recently, we revealed everything we knew about Alfred, the future enemy of Ivar in season 5 of Vikings , who will change interpreter for the occasion. Now, embodied by Ferdia Walsh-Peel, the character will be joined by several new faces. Here are those who will be the new heroes of the series proposed by History !
This new character is neither more nor less than one of the four known brothers of Alfred. In the new episodes, he will be played by Darren Cahill, a young actor that some have seen in the Irish series Red Rock . This character should be very present during the fighting, but also in the political affairs of Wessex since he will accede to the throne at the death of his father Æthelwulf. It should be noted that Alfred became the famous King Alfred the Great after Æthelred’s death , so we could witness his death by the end of the first part of season 5 . As for the many sons of Ragnar, whom we do not find in the series, it would seem that the other sons of the king of Wessex (Æthelstan, Æthelbald and Æthelberht, are not present,
We already talked about it! Wrestling star Adam Copland will camp Katill at Flat Nose, a famous vikings king of the Hebrides who lived in the 9th century. For the purposes of the series, its history should be rewritten, while taking the same path. Thus, we can expect it to be involved in maritime shipments to the West. Let us note that his story links him to Harald Finehair, so that he could prove to be one of the rivals of our heroes .
Kris Holden-Ried is a protagonist of Kris Holden-Ried, and offers a meager description that he is an important warrior of Kattegat who decides to travel and settle his family in a new country. Presumed unrelated to any historical reality, we can still ask whether it would not be related to Eyvind Lambi . The latter included the uncle of a certain Egil and the brother of an important member of the court of Harald Finehair, with whom he was very much a friend. We can thus assume that the character will join this new Viking enemy of the sons of Ragnar. Betrayals should still be numerous.
Kieran O’Reilly is the character who is unknown to us if not his name, assuredly chosen because of his white hair. The absence of information prompts the fans to feed interesting theories, so many people think that the character’s name is a code to hide that it will be Olaf the White. In historical accounts, the latter is the son of Ragnar (but for the series its origin should be reinvented), the king of Dublin and especially one of the loyal companions of Ivar. Moreover, as the universe of the Vikings remains small, he is the husband of the daughter of Ketill in the Flat Nose.
Incarnated by the Portuguese comedian Albano Jerónimo, there again no information was provided on this character. However, we can link it to the eponymous Byzantine admiral. If this is the latter we discover, the character will be very interesting since after being accused of having abducted a young nun from a convent, he organized an uprising against the Byzantine Emperor Michael II and, after some successes Military, he proclaimed himself Emperor of Syracuse, independent of Constantinople. He was described as a respected and charismatic king. Knowing that he would be defeated by the Byzantine troops when the reinforcements were sent from the East, he appealed to the Muslim rulers of Ifriqiya to take Sicily and Malta to the Byzantines. It is, therefore, Man who initiated the Arab invasion and the beginning of Islamic domination for two centuries on the island as the emirate of Sicily. It remains to be seen how his history will be mingled with that of our heroes. Most certainly via Bjorn and its conquest of the Mediterranean Sea.
Incarnated by Khaled Abol Naga, no information was disclosed about the character. However, we know that Ziyadat Allah was the third Emir of Ifriqiya. We can therefore expect his story to be that of Euphemius.
Incarnated by Karima McAdams, we can link this character with the historical figure that Kassiani is. The latter was a Byzantine abbess, poet, composer and hymnographer, known to be incredibly beautiful and intelligent . Since she was perceived as venerated, she was subjected to whipping with a whip. Having finished his life in Greece, it is still considered as a rare and exceptional phenomenon and no less than twenty-three authentic hymns are attributed to him. In the series, his story will certainly be mixed with those of Ziyadat Allah and Euphemius, but his route should cross that of Bjorn and Halfdan as evidenced by a photo posted on the account Instagram of the actress.
Played by Laurence O’Fuarain, this character is most likely to link up with Håkon Grjotgardsson, an ally of Harald, to whom he offered his daughter in marriage, either to Håkon Sigurdsson, who is one of the descendants of ” Harald. In one case or another, we can think that his story will be rewritten for the needs of the series, especially in terms of temporality. A certainty, the character will be at the sides of the Viking having betrayed the sons of Ragnar . With so many new directions, many ideas of Vikings spin-offs can arise , but one thing is certain, the sequel promises to be very intense! What do you think of these new characters?