Vikings season 5: SPOILER still alive? The mad theory that stirs up the web!

Cinema 31 May, 2017

Could some Vikings character still be alive? A theory of fans seems to think that yes!
The shooting of season 5 of Vikings is finally over , but we still do not know its date of broadcast. If it has been confirmed that we will be able to discover the new season at the end of 2017, we still have long months waiting in front of us, so why not occupy them with some speculation about the episodes to come! Warning, this article contains spoilers about season 4 of the series . The theory that makes much talk of her at this moment concerns Sigurd, one of Ragnar’s sons and the fact that he might still be alive. Remember, at the end of Season 4, in “The Reckoning,” Ivar threw an ax into the chest of his brother Sigurd leaving him dead on the spot. A scene of the most shocking which once again caused the wrath of the sons of Ragnar to rise against Ivar. According to IBTimes Australia, the theory in question would suggest that Sigurd was only hurt by his brother and that the shock would have made him unconscious . After his body was left in the river, it would have been found by Blaeja, the daughter of King Aelle.
This theory is based on the historical facts that Sigurd and Blaeja, the daughter of King Aelle, married and founded a family. Moreover, fans who support this theory believe that the ax used by Ivar was too small to kill Sigurd and that Blaeja is supposed to have a more important role in season 5. On the other hand, we are not sure to believe That this theory may be true, already because we see the funeral of Sigurd in the trailer of season 5 of Vikings . But also because Sigurd really looks dead in the season finale of season 4 . The series is known not necessarily to follow literally the History and the death of Sigurd does not prevent in any way Blaeja to have an important role in the next episodes. The death of Sigurd has brought discord among the sons of Ragnar and we are anxious to see how this will evolve. Do you believe this theory?