Vikings season 5: The role of Jonathan Rhys Meyers unveiled with a first photo!

Cinema 9 January, 2017

While the shooting of season 5 of Vikings continues, the role of Jonathan Rhys Meyers has just been unveiled with a first photo!

Who will it be? Since the announcement of casting of Jonathan Rhys Meyers in season 5 of Vikings, we told you of several theories about the role he could play secret . While many thought he would camp the famous Alfred the Great and others preferred to see him in Magnus, the last episodes aired showed us that it would take a new leap in time so that one of these roles Be allocated. Nothing is impossible in the world of Vikings , but it turns out it is not so and it is in a completely different note that we will find the actor who held the title roles-series The Tudors and Dracula . Indeed, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will play a bishop named Heahmund, which will be the right arm Aethelwulf , as revealed Vikings France , with a first shot, on his Facebook account.
For the small historical point, Heahmund really existed and was a medieval bishop of Sherborne, consecrated between 867 and 868. His death is dated in March 871, during the Battle of Marton and he is today venerated as a saint in the The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. It is therefore a character who promises to offer us some striking moments. Other information of importance that we learn with the Record Imdb Jonathan Rhys Meyers: his first appearance in the skin Heahmund will take place during the season finale of season 4 Vikings , called “The Reckoning”. Recently, we proposed to discover the synopsis of episode 17 of season 4 Vikings! What do you think of this character?