Vikings season 5: The series back in November?

Cinema 2 March, 2017

No date has yet been announced regarding the broadcast of season 5 of Vikings. Are we going to have to wait until next November?
It’s almost a month since Vikings season 4 ended and we’re obviously basically lacking in the series. In addition, we used to find the series usually in February or March and we already know that this year it will not be the case since season 5 of Vikings is currently filming . The suspense is therefore at its height concerning the return of the series and, for the moment, we can only speculate. The International Businness Times, however, seems to have a theory that would hold the road regarding the return of the show. The rumor is that season 5 of Vikings would begin in November 2017 to stick to the launch of the second part of season 4 that had begun on November 30, 2016 on History.
Moreover, the site explained that the chain History liked to separate the seasons of its different shows of nine months, which makes us return again in November. One thing is certain in any case, the series will return in 2017 , as confirmed by the post Instagram of Alex Hogh, the interpreter of Ivar. The actor has rested the trailer of season 5 with as legend: “Coming this year. # 5 season” . We can at least be confident with the idea that we will find the unique universe of Vikings in the months to come, besides that this new season will also include 20 episodes, to our delight. While waiting to learn more, and to help you wait, Discover what you need to know about the new characters of season 5 of Vikings , on melty. What do you think ?