Vikings season 5: Turning, intrigues, spoilers … It is already known about the upcoming episodes

Cinema 3 February, 2017

From now on, between shooting, intrigues, spoilers, discover what we already know about the next episodes of season 5 of Vikings!
It should be intense! As we reported you as should be disseminated Season 5 Vikings , the next round of episodes of History promises to be loaded with twists. Indeed, many intrigues should be the simple fact that the unity shown among our warriors in later episodes will not . Ivar killed his brother Sigurd, which should keep him away from his other brothers, Floki left on his side following the death of his wife, Lagertha must finish securing Kattegat, Aethelwulf is still alive, Rollo also and one New character, which promises to be fascinating, made its appearance. Due to the many clichés posted on the social networks of the actors, we know that it will be about bloodthirsty fights (we remember the image showing Ivar completely covered in blood), but also traveling. Indeed, part of the team flew to Morocco where Floki and will include Ivar team. We can imagine that this trip will be at the initiative of Bjorn, eager to continue his conquest of the Mediterranean.
Love should always be there! We expect a nice love triangle between Torvi, Bjorn and Astrid, but also to an emerging story between Lagertha and Ubbe , which is very similar to Ragnar. A situation that should not hinder Margrethe, very attracted by Hvitserk. With the new character of Headmund, we know that it will be about religion and especially about a new kind of religious. Michael Hirst, the show’s creator said: “These warriors bishops, the predecessors of the Templars, are people who were very religious, but they put armor and fought .” As we saw in the final season, Headmund does not seem to respect the precept of chastity, so we may wonder whether his intentions are purely religious. The faith of Floki should also be at the heart of the next intrigues! We saw his trouble with the death of a Christian, but also by discovering Islam. Could we find him honoring a new religion? Nothing is less impossible! The great unknowns are whether Rollo will propose new adventures, as the creator implied, and how Aethelwulf will return to the front of the stage. Waiting to see what the season 5 offer us discover which character you are Vikings! What do you expect from the next episode of Vikings?