Vikings season 5: What does signing on the sword of Heahmund mean?

Cinema 5 February, 2017

Season 5 of Vikings will put forward a new enemy for our warriors: Heahmund. We have seen very little of him, but we have been able to admire his impressive sword with an intriguing inscription on it! Discover its meaning.
Cryptic Message! In episode 20 of season 4 of Vikings, which was the final season for which we offer our criticism , we got a first glimpse of both religious and sexual Bishop named Heahmund, but especially impressive sword. The most intriguing thing about this sword is not its remarkable blue orb or the sheen of its blade, but the inscription on the handle. This seems to be in Latin and there is little doubt that its meaning is important , but what does it mean? The inscription on the sword reads “Ananyzapata” – a possible variant of the word “Ananizapta” , a medieval inscription (which is a sentence in prose or verse placed at the head of a book, a book or A chapter, to announce or summarize the content, or to clarify the intentions of the author) found in Germany and England. Here, she said, “rejects evil and protect its Christian good carrier of evil and destruction” .
Historically, the inscription was found on some ancient relics, but especially on a jewel called Middleham Jewel in North Yorkshire. The pendant is covered with Christian images and it is very likely that it served as an inspiration for the Heahmund sword. There is an important connection between this holy inscription and the character of Heahmund. First, it is obvious that the weapon Heahmund is far from the ceremonial sword that the Pope has given to Alfred after his holy pilgrimage . It is destined for combat and Heahmund certainly intends to use it, especially against a certain group of pagan invaders. During Season 4 we saw how the English armies were defenseless against their pagan enemies. They were not up to the savagery and energy of the northerners and they are well aware that they will have to reconsider their defense tactics in the face of this new and continuing threat. That’s where Heahmund comes in. It is more than prepared to fight against the son of Ragnar . Let’s hope for him that the inscription does what it is supposed to do, but we wish the opposite for our heroes. Earlier, we rapportions what the Vikings creator of the deaths of the last episode of Season 4, the new character and the end of the series! What do you think of this inscription?