Vikings season 5: When will it be broadcast?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

While we just discovered the Season Finale of Vikings, here’s when Season 5 should be aired!
And after ? While the Vikings Season 4 ended with the epic episode 20, where we offered you our critical , all eyes are already worn out afterwards. The next season, which will also consist of 20 episodes, was already illustrious via a stunning trailer, but what about the return of the series on the US cable channel History ? Unless a bad surprise, this one could not be too long! Season 1 debuted on March 3, Season 2 on February 27, Season 3 on February 19 and Season 4 on February 18. Certainly a small pause should take place before the launch of the next adventures of our warriors, but we can already expect a launch in early March. If we see fair, the first season could be proposed either 1st or March 8th, 2017 , to the delight of fans.
Nevertheless, season 4 was the first composed of 20 episodes and its diffusion was rather surprising as the cut between the first and the second part was long, very long! Indeed, it is more than 7 months that the fans had to wait before discovering the consequences of the important leap in the time that took place. Thus, the programming mode of the season 5 may differ to reduce this expectation by offering us the diffusion of next Season Premiere this summer . In fact, the pause between each season would be more important than the hiatus, which is more logical. From now you can find out more about the character of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who will be central in season 5 of Vikings! When do you find Season 5?