Vikings season 5: Who will kill Lagertha?

Cinema 13 February, 2017

While waiting for the launch of season 5 of Vikings, discover who will kill Lagertha!
Who will benefit the murder? While we are waiting to know when Vikings season 5 will be launched , on the American cable channel History , many questions assail us and one of it is definitely: who will kill Lagertha? Indeed, the seer’s prediction has fallen: one of Ragnar’s sons will kill the queen of Kattegat. With the death of Sigurd, the candidates are less numerous, but the identity of the murderer promises to be surprising!
A priori, it would be very easy to say that Ivar will kill Lagertha. He never hid his desire to kill the woman who cowardly killed her mother, he even said to her: “One day I will kill you, Lagertha, your destiny is fixed!” And we can be sure that he is waiting for the right moment to take action . However, we think that someone will grill him politeness, so to create surprise. It is true that it would be much too obvious that Ivar kills Lagertha and the viewer could be frustrated. In fact, other candidates seem much more serious.
Hvitserk is certainly the son of Ragnar who has the least risk of killing Lagertha. We were able to see him admit to his brother Sigurd that killing Lagertha would also mean killing Bjorn and that he does not feel any desire for it. There is little doubt that he has become closer to his half-brother during their stay in the Mediterranean Sea and that he will never do anything to hurt him. Moreover, he has never been close to Aslaug and has no difficulty in overcoming his death.
We saw that Ubbe tried with his brothers Ivar and Sigurd to overthrow Lagertha and avenge the death of their mother, but especially to regain power over Kattegat. Since then, the viking seems to have subsided and due to the images of the video promo of season 5, it seems that he knows a connection with Lagertha. So, how to reach it more easily? It’s possible ! We would be very surprised to see Ubbe put an end to the life of the Queen of Kattegat, but such an event would promise to put this character back in front of the scene , he who is too effaced against Ivar and Bjorn!
Can a son kill his mother? Perhaps the Vikings suite could answer that question. Indeed, it seems almost impossible to see Bjorn kill Lagertha. Yet, several reasons could push him to commit such an act! First of all, we have seen that Astrid lives a carnal relationship with his companion’s son. The relationship between the two women could deteriorate and Bjorn could act to protect the woman he seems in love with. So, even if the objective seems to be the Mediterranean Sea, it is quite possible that Bjorn wants to take over the city that was once his father’s, and to do so, he should kill his mother. Such an event would be totally surprising and certainly would have serious consequences that would captivate us.
Bjorn, Ubbe, Hvtitserk, Ivar and Sigurd are the only sons we know in Ragnar. However, it is quite possible that he had another son at some point in his life . The latter might be present in the series, but it would be only through the death of Lagertha that we would know his heredity. The murder of Lagertha seems closer than ever and this event should certainly surprise us. While waiting to discover who will kill Lagertha, find out which Vikings spin-offs could see the light of day! Who will kill Lagertha according to you?