Vikings season 5: Will Bjorn die in the next episodes?

Cinema 5 April, 2017

And the next trip of Bjorn in the Mediterranean led to his death in season 5 of Vikings?
The shooting of season 5 of Vikings continues to be in full swing, but unfortunately we still have no release date for the next episodes. While waiting to know when we can find the characters of the series, we propose to you today to give a small focus on Bjorn, the first son of Ragnar and what awaits him in the continuation of the show. As you know, in season 4 of Vikings , Bjorn decided to go to the Mediterranean. This first trip was a success and we see that he is the worthy son of his father, since Bjorn intends to return. His exploration is not finished, Bjorn decided to return to the Mediterranean, he even announced in the last episode. But will this second journey be as prolific as the first? According to history, Bjorn Ironside has indeed returned to the Mediterranean Sea in the hope of plundering another city with as much ease as the first.
Unfortunately for the “real” Bjorn, his second trip would not have happened as well as the first, since the inhabitants had meanwhile called upon an army to defend themselves. Bjorn’s fleet was then attacked by a weapon called the “Greek fire”, much used at the time by the Byzantines and which will obviously remind you of the fire used by Tyrion and Cersei in Game of Thrones . You will have understood, in history, that Bjorn’s return to the Mediterranean was a terrible failure, and if he came out alive, this battle has caused him to lose an enormous part of his fleet . Will the historical facts then have any influence on the events of season 5 of Vikings ? If this is the case, Bjorn’s life could be in danger if he returns to the south, as well as those of all who will accompany him. Michael Hirst used to not necessarily respect the history and life of the characters that actually existed, so for now they are only theories. What do you think ?