Vikings: Travis Fimmel (Ragnar) in a new series!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Already a new project for the actor of Vikings? You are told more about the new series of the interpreter of Ragnar, Travis Fimmel.
Attention, this article contains spoilers . If you still mourn the death of our dear Ragnar in season 4 Vikings and the idea of not seeing Travis Fimmel each week on your screen seems unbearable, it was good news for you! Dry your tears, King Ragnar is soon back … almost. We did not want to see him leave and apparently the history chain either. Because yes, just weeks after the execution of his character, Travis Fimmel seems to have already found a job ! A new collaboration with History that looks rather promising … Judge rather!
Travis Fimmel History and embark on a series of anthology (a season, a plot) showing the iconic anti-hero throughout history . The first malotru put forward? Wyatt Earp . It was Travis Fimmel himself who had the idea and Monsieur is likely to be busy if the project succeeds since in addition to having written the first episode he will play the main role and will also be executive producer of Series. Just that ! Let’s hope that his interpretation of Wyatt Earp, the legendary Wild West bandit, will be as stunning as Ragnar Lothbrok’s. So, will this project come to fruition? History saw the desire to work again with Travis Fimmel , we do not doubt. Meanwhile, do not miss episode 19 of season 4 Vikings !