Vincent Peillon very marked by his past of professor of philosophy

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Vincent Peillon candidate to the primary of the left claims his past of professor of philosophy. He remembers precisely his first return to school as a teacher, as he told us when he was Minister of Education.
He lectured Vanessa Burgrav in “We’re not lying” last Saturday. He will try to take a doctoral ascendancy tonight on his competitors at the primary of the left. Professor one day professor always. Vincent Peillon claims his past as a teacher of philosophy.
There are some years when he was Minister of Education, he told us his first comeback: ” I was twenty-four years, I was a trainee teacher – a status that had been removed and I am trying to replace – at Edouard-Herriot High school, a renowned institution of Lyon, he remembered to Gala. I taught philosophy in three terminal classes. I had the ball in my stomach and half an hour ahead. So I turned in the neighborhood on foot before the dreaded climb of stairs among the students. It is an extraordinary emotion, I had so much desire to exercise this job. I was not much older than the high school students I had in front of me. But the latter are attentive to the youth of their professors, also interrogative. It was a real match that was played during the hour of course facing these almost indistinct faces the first time. I had to lose a pound by pacing the room in all directions. I had not particularly cared my outfit to age, I was in jeans, I assumed my youth . ”
Tonight the candidate Peillon will not be able to pace and will have to remain well clamped to his desk in front of the questions of the journalists and to the piques of its competitors.