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Entertainment 29 January, 2018

New Star

At the time of the Nouvelle Star, Julien Doré had been a true blow of heart for the host of the show.

There are already more than 10 years, Julien Doré, landed in the New Star, with her sweet voice, her barrette in her hair and his ukulele. 10 years later, he became a real star of the French song : most of his concerts are sold out, and his albums are always a success. It is without a doubt the artist most known revealed by the tele-hook. Seducer, the singer has the gift of pleasing women. But at the time of issuance, he himself was under the spell of the facilitator of the program.

Before becoming an actress, Virginie Efira was indeed the star of New Star, with her blonde hair, her bright smile, but especially his humour and his professionalism. Inevitably, Julien Doré was cracked, but he confessed that quite recently, on the plateau of One is not lying. “You had something very solar. I think we were all in love with you, I think. You were happy when you arrived on the shelf ! “

Feelings obviously mutual, since the main interested had been given a little earlier : “I had a lot of admiration for Julien, so I did that belching a few words. “She admits it :” It intimidated me a lot. “Are they passed to the side of a beautiful romance ? May as well be. But today, the two stars share a beautiful friendship. Julien Doré had also said in 50 minutes Inside,” Virginia today, she is my friend daughter the nearest. I think it is someone who knows absolutely everything about me. ”


Julien Doré,Virginie Efira

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