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Health 3 July, 2017

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Brigitte Macron pass from words to acts. The Express reveals how the First lady made a visit to a company specialized in the manufacture of clothing suitable for people in situation of handicap.

It was a question that came up often : what causes will engage Brigitte Macron ? The answer, or at least a part is without a doubt finally known, according to exclusive information of The Express. Interested in disability and education, the First lady has contacted the company’s “Constant and Zoe” specialized in the manufacture of clothing suitable for people in situation of handicap. On June 16, Brigitte Macron went to meet Sarah Da Silva, the president of the start-up and has posed many questions to youngsters with disabilities present during the visit. She came without a journalist, with his two co-workers, his security officers and his photographer.”, specify our colleagues.

In October, Brigitte Macron will return to see Sarah Da Silva. It has also promised to attend the inauguration of the first ” house of respite “, a facility in a natural and soothing for the comfort of patients and their loved ones.

Brigitte Macron will not be ” a pot of flowers “. To the side of her husband, the First lady will have a specific role defined in a charter in the course of writing. It has its own office in the Elysée and its own advisors. Brigitte Macron intends to get involved in this quinquennium, as it has done during the campaign of her husband. The wife of the “Jupiter” has already demonstrated its commitment. “President of the fan club of her husband, she is his part is non-negotiable, its essential, but this does not prevent him to carry out his own fights. It was last June 10, for a raid female, Touquet Raid Amazon, won by his daughter, Thiphaine Auzière. Brigitte Macron had then supported the team of first aiders.

You’re going to you that I’m going to rehabilitate the name Brigitte“, she joked on Europe 1. “Bibi” is already very popular at the Elysée. This reputation should without doubt allow him to act even more for the causes that are close to his heart : “If I have to serve something during the presidency of Emmanuel, it will be to change the fate of the disabled and their families , “confided she to Vanity Fair. The First lady is well on the way to.

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