Vitaa and Drake in duo, the collaboration that was close to being done

Entertainment 31 May, 2017

A missed appointment: find out why the collab between Vitaa and Drake has never been born out.
A few days ago, Vitaa did us the honor to spend an exceptional afternoon at melty to present her new album J4M . On this disc with multiple influences, we find the tubes “Peine & Pity” , “In my head” , “Like dab” or of course “It disturbs them” . On this occasion, the French singer confided in her collaborations with Stromae, Jul and Maître Gims in addition to revealing her memories of concerts with Rihanna . And that’s not all ! The one that was revealed to the whole France thanks to the classic “Confession nocturnes” Took advantage of us to let go some excluded: like his collaboration with Drake who should have seen the day on J4M ! Are you teased but you want more? So it happens a little lower!
We had seen the ties of listening and everything (laughs). It would have been phew, we had to meet in Toronto and so on. But it’s just like that . ” A real missed opportunity, a pity because we really loved to hear Drake in duo with Vitaa! Vitaa and Drake in duet, it makes you dream?