Vitaa: “Diam’s finds that music has changed too much”

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

Still in interview excluded for melty, Vitaa is back on the golden age of French rap where her great friend Diam’s was at the top. Will it ever come back? Confessions!
On the occasion of the release of her new album J4M , Vitaa was passing recently at melty. In addition to meeting some lucky fans and having delivered a mini showcase at the top, the French singer has not hesitated to confide in her collaborations with Stromae, Jul and Maître Gims or her memories of concerts with Rihanna . You were promised other beautiful excluded, well it’s time! Vitaa is back on her relationship with Diam’s that lacks the entire generation “no no” . The interpreter of “Peine & Pitié” says: “She is my friend and my sister, she is always close to me so she does not miss me as a person.” The other day, for example,
“I know she’s away from music today, it’s more her life, and for me she’s one of the most talented artists we’ve ever had. In my opinion she was better than a lot of male rappers and I do not say that because she is my friend, I know she lacks a lot of people, and after me she is my girlfriend, She does not miss me (laughs), ” continues Vitaa. Is there a female relapse of Diam’s in French rap since the end of his career? Vitaa gives her opinion: “So much not! And even counting the male rappers, for me it was someone who had so much flow, she was very strong technically … Y ‘ Has plenty of rappers that Diam’s exceeded widely. Then the rap changed: in its time the genre was more related to themes, to the texts, which were richer in my opinion. Today we are on things lighter, more melodic than the rap I loved the most. The real French rap what. It has changed and for me it is an era where it is all up. For me it was Diam’s the strongest . ”
In spite of her distance from the media, is Diam’s still interested in music? “Yeah it happens to us, it’s true that we share more but it happens to talk about it.” She finds that the music has really changed too much, I think it is nostalgic of rap before. Listening to music too much, it does not follow at all what is going on, ” says Vitaa. As for a chance to see Diam’s again at the top of the charts with new songs, her best friend does not have too many illusions : “I do not know, frankly I will never speak on his behalf but I do not think any case”. One never knows, in any case it will miss us for a long time! To console himself, We listen to “Ana Fi Dar”, a piece of pure rap of Master Gims with Fianso . Are you missing Diam’s?