Walking Dead : AMC could launch a third series full of zombies

Cinema 1 March, 2019






It was beautiful laughter of the audiences in bern from the Walking Dead and laugh a little about the fascinating mediocrity of its episodes, the brand is doing well overall, to the point of concocting a third season.

Stars exfiltrées in the precipitation, the writers packed in vermouth, artistic director in bern, hearings in free fall… to watch Walking Dead, true tunes zombie. Except that in spite of this situation, his hearing still remains one of the best of the AMC, as those of Fear, the Walking Dead, meet widely the chain, and the brand born from the comics of Robert Kirkman continues to be extremely popular in the international.


“My job here is done…”


The state of play is therefore much less dark than it seems, since the american chain already foresees to produce a number of films devoted among other things to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the hero out of the plot main forceps delivery a few months ago.

New index of good health : Deadline announcement that the company is actively preparing a third series dedicated to zombies, which we still know absolutely nothing, with the exception of the press release sent to the media by AMC.


A priori, it will be still the question of zombies


“We are not yet at the stage of the official announcement. But we have hired creative, that we have pitché of the synopsis. We are very positive about the development of this series. “

Beyond the strength of the franchise, Walking Dead, it is perhaps also to find a show to replace the series-mother, whose exhaustion is a little more visible day after day…


Tomorrows that sing

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