Walking Dead : an actor on the departure welcomed to leave the series to die

Cinema 27 November, 2018






At least to play the game of the promo, most of the actors leaving the series pretending to be disconsolate. But not all those of The Walking Dead .



Attention, it’s going to spoiler !


His character is one of the most popular comics, and was one of the only adapted faithfully by the series. So far, his interpreter was obviously pissed cap raise eyebrows in the undergrowth. It would seem that Tom Payne couldn’t take any more of the show to AMC.

“I know that people will be disappointed and shocked, but I am delighted “, he explained in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter. And the artist does not go dead hand on his rapture to abandon finally that great corpse backwards.

“They knew that I would not be sad to go. I expressed a certain discomfort last season. I was very frustrated about the role of my character. It has been introduced so very cool, and then remained floundering at The Hill.


Tom has no Payne


During the war with the Saviors, the only person he faced was someone from his camp (Morgan). In the comics, he had the right to a confrontation with enormous Negan, he took a grenade, threw on his enemies. It is the most capable of all the group !

And the series was never served. Stuck in the background. I was practicing all week. I was ready and motivated. One can’t help but feel a bit of frustration when we do not have access to the cool scenes.

The situation was so mutual and he knew that I accommoderai well. This was a wonderful series, I am honored to have been part of it, but at the same time, play a character who never has to do anything is a bit frustrating. “


Not the Payne crying


It was beautiful to feel the will of Payne not to over-load the series in which he officiated until recently, we feel that it does not even try to simulate the emotion communicated by Andrew Lincoln or Lauren Cohan. And if, paradoxically, never the brand name , The Walking Dead, has not been as prolific on the screen (three films in preparation for AMC, a spin-off always active…), the mere fact that an actor can leave it by assuming at this point the problems and the nether-narrative that undermines the production says a lot about the decay of the thing.

In the state, and with audiences décrépies, the series-mother will she be for a long time untouchable ?


It was Payne to distinguish